Trove: Simple, But Satisfying

Do you like Minecraft, but feel the adventuring can get a little boring?  Trove may be what you’re looking for.  A free-to-play voxel mmorpg, Trove brings a simple, yet extremely addicting, style of mmo to the table.
The best way to describe Trove is almost a combination of Minecraft and Diablo/Torchlight.   You choose your class, go adventuring/dungeon crawling, kill monsters, get loot, rinse and repeat.  It’s a simplicity that’s just hard to get bored of.  There’s no mechanics that are really complicated, or overbearing.  Most people should be able to pick this game up in no time at all.  What’s also nice, is that all the classes can do a fair job of soloing, even though all work great together in teams as well.  That means if you want to wind down and spend a couple hours dungeon crawling solo, you don’t have to wait on friends to join you just because you picked gunslinger or ice sage.
The big key to this game is creativity.  You can create a custom house for yourself, there are many cosmetic items to earn, and you can even submit custom armor/dungeons to the developers to possibly add in-game.  This is also a genius move by the developers, as it allows an almost endless stream of future content.  New weapon styles and dungeon types are being added with almost every update, and updates are pretty frequent.
Now, as this is a free-to-play game, there is a cash shop.  It has your standard boosters, armor skins, store mounts, etc.  There are also special pinatas that function as the sort of “lockbox” items that are pretty much a staple of free-to-play mmos.  None of these give buying players any particular advantage and you can get along just fine without using any of it.  It’s a good cash shop and can give you a variety of ways to support the game should you desire.
Trove is just simple fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Too often these days games try to do too much and end up failing spectacularly.  Trove is a good example of a game that knows it’s audience, knows what it wants to be, and sets out to make that experience as fun as possible.  I feel this should be a must-download for anyone who enjoys minecraft, or simple dungeon crawler games.  It’s free, it’s fun, and only a 250ish MB download at the time of writing.  You really can’t go wrong with at least trying it.
So have some fun adventures, and keep on gaming!
Also, should you want to know about the game in every single detail, here’s a great overview by ChaosD1 of MMOGrinder.

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